Visions of an Earthen Pot

Unfinished it sits among thousand others, waiting for its turn to be cast into fire, to earn its rightful place in this world, but it wants to go nowhere but the potters wheel.

Bhartiya Rang Mahotsava

If you have not been to Bhartiya Rang Mahotsava at NSD (National School of Drama), New Delhi, then please go and visit the place and if possible see any of the numerous plays being performed there.



Spider and Spikes

Snake charmer

Snake and its Charmer. One of the most sacred relations between man and animal which has developed over many centuries in India. Also one of the most misinterpreted one as a violation of animal rights. Today both snakes and their charmers are on the brink of oblivion. A whole DNT community named “Madari”, which used to live in harmony with various species of animals is now forced not to keep any animals and are thus devoid of their livelihood.

Random Art

Random Art

When I am sad I go for jogging. So that no water remains for tears to come in my eyes.

Not the actual quote but a beautiful one from the movie “Chungking Express”.

Wong kar wai’s “In mood for love”. One of the best visual narrative I’ve seen in a long time. Play with frame rate, color palette and sound is exceptional. Want to see it again and write a full review.